About Us

Chandler Warren London

Founded by London based designers Connor Chandler-Warren and Cameron Chandler-Warren, Chandler Warren is a London based high fashion brand, specialising in hand made couture garments, hand made ready to wear and hand made luxury handbags.

All of Chandler Warren’s hand made items are beautifully crafted in London using high quality luxurious materials.

Our use of Ethical Sustainable Fur

At Chandler Warren we believe in using sustainable materials in our designs and that sustainability is the best way forward for the fashion industry. We believe that fur is not only one of the most luxurious materials but is actually one of the most sustainable products as well, with many fur products lasting for decades. Fur is a natural product, that is biodegradable and does not use up non renewable resources unlike synthetic alternatives. Fur is also proven to be much more eco friendly and better for the planet then other material choices. All of the fur in our ethical fur collections is recycled from vintage fur items or sourced from byproducts from the meat industry and from pest control, which are cleaned, retreated and created into beautiful new fur garments and bags. Meaning that no animals were harmed just for the sole purpose of fashion in all of the products in our ethical fur collections. This means we class all of our ethical fur collection garments as Ethical and sustainable.

By recycling vintage furs, Chandler Warren London has saved the lives of thousands of animals, by selling recycled fur products that consumers would have otherwise bought new.